Current Projects

At present we are involved with six Christian organisations who undertake a variety of different works. Below is a summary of their activities:


Saint Vincent de Paul Society (Twinnage in India)

The SVP  conferences in England and Wales are twinned with those in India. One of their projects is student sponsorship where they enable youngsters to undertake a 1 year course (post high school) in a particular skill. For example:- motor mechanics, nursing, teacher training etc

Through recycling activities like aluminium cans , printer cartridges, phones, we continue to support this project. So far 28 students have been sponsored in their chosen course.

Why not start a recycling venture in your area and send the proceeds for this venture. SVP Twinnage

Laura Vicuna Foundation inc (Philippines)

LVF is run by the Salesian sisters and operates all over the Philippines in a variety of areas of work centered around street children. This includes a mobile child protection clinic, an orphanage for abused girls, livlihood training and technical schools, values formation and advocacy for the poor, child workers, and counter-trafficking measures.

Please continue to give for this much needed work among the poorest and most vulnerable children. LVF Website

Newsletter of LVF

Mary’s Meals – Backpack Appeal (Malawi)

Another Medjugorje inspired charity with a much larger reach; feeding children all over the world. They also collect backpacks to give to school children in Africa and we have an annual appeal for this (locally in Manchester). Last year 120 backpacks filled with school items, some clothes, toiletries and foodstuffs were sent.

Christian Solidarity International (Sudan)

CSI conducts slave redemption missions in Sudan. Since about 2001 we have been fundraising for this excellent project which has rescued so many from bondage and reunited them with family and brought them home to a new start. CSI Report

Asia Harvest (China)

Asia harvest amongst many other works are printing and distributing Bibles to the many new Christians in China through the house church networks there. This is a splendid project and bringing many to the faith in Jesus Christ.  We hope to continue to raise money to help keep the presses rolling ! Website

MIssionaries of Charity (Gambia)

Small donations are sent annually to the sisters in Gambia from an annual fundraiser, they are one of the few groups helping the poorest in Gambia.