2019 Report


Summary :- Total Raised £ 3900 , much of which is thanks to the  recycling which keeps getting bigger as more people get    involved ; scrap from plumbers boosted us this year too, a big thank you to all our  collectors. This year  £2100 went to the Littleway Association for a solar water pump and a pig farm, £1000 to Sudan to a camp for internally displaced families ; £435 to the Laura Vicuna Foundation in the Philippines for their work with the poor, particularly young girls; £300 to Mary’s meals along with 145 backpacks  for school children in Malawi, £200 to the Good Counsel network in London who save the lives of unborn  babies , £400 to Asia Harvest for Bibles for China as the regime tightens its grip on Christianity once more and £500 for CSI slave redemption work in South Sudan . God Bless you all.

Tanzania & Malawi—(via Littleway Association) – Two of their projects were given support this year£1000 going to Tanzania for a solar powered pump and well . Currently a small community of sisters is having to hire  donkeys to bring water every day from far afield so this will      enable them to pump their own clean water. The other project in Malawi received £100 to buy pigs ! The community is starting a pig farm as a means of earning income so they can look after the increasing number of Aids orphans who come to their door.


Asia Harvest—£400 was sent for the Bibles for China   project which has sent more than 10 million bibles for new believers all over China. As the communist government  continues its intense persecution of the churches there, knocking their churches down, arresting Christian leaders and those gathering for prayer, this is one way to help them spread the faith in spite of the dangers and challenges.


South Sudan:-  £500 was sent to Christian Solidarity International for their slave redemption programme which we have been supporting for almost 20 years now. It’s a slow process to bring everybody home and give them a fresh start but imagine the joy of freedom and being reunited with friends and family !

csi slave

Sudan  – £1000 was sent to a  refugee camp. A   Sister there says:-  Food was distributed to  the elderly, the blind, the lame, children and those living on the margins of life. Numbers continued to increase in the following months as there was a looming fear of more fighting and so more people joined the camp. The sense that someone cares about their welfare has had an   effect on people’s mental well-being as many  people suffer from a sense of hopelessness and despair. This support has enabled people to cope better with stress and trauma. People have also cultivated a sense of equal distribution of food and of helping each other as the beneficiaries are involved in food distribution.” 


Backpack Appeal/ Mary’s Meals:- This year another 145 backpacks were sent and £300 for their Mary’s Meals     project.  These contain an array of useful items for the school year like shoes, t-shirts, skirts, trousers as well as pens, exercise books, soap, toothpaste, & brushes, etc


Laura Vicuna Foundation  £435 was sent to help with the Salesian sisters work with children. As well as the orphanage for abused girls they also work with young people from poor communities to lift them up and follow their dreams.


Good Counsel Network £200 sent to help further the prolife work in London and save more babies from abortion and their mothers from a lifetime of  regret.