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Mountains of scrap

The recycling fundraiser goes from strength to strength every year as more volunteers get involved in this simple way of turning trash into hope. Its one of our biggest sources of income now. Why not start something where you are ? Collect aluminium cans, foil, other scrap metals, fill your car boot or shed, take them to your recycling centre and cash them in and send us the proceeds which will reach out to those in need around the world…cans.jpg

Bring & Buy Sales

This year a bring-and-buy at St Alphonsus Church in Old Trafford rasied funds for refugees from/in Syria , Five Hundred pounds was sent immediately via Aid to the Church in Need to those suffering the effects of this drawn out conflict.


Backpack Appeal for Malawi (Mary’s Meals)

This years back-pack appeal has begun, frantic packing of bags for kids in Malawi which should go in January via Mary’s Meals who organise this project.


Completed Backpacks