Sponsored Walk Completed !


The sponsored walk was completed in Holy Week, approx 70km in the Batangas Province in the Phiippines.

As in previous years it was very hot and hard on the feet but some wonderful providential moments as the kilometers rolled by.

When I was thirsty, I was given water, hungry,someone offered me food, tired and someone offered a place to rest or sleep, when it went dark an array of stars illuminated the road !

And all the while I knew that each step i took was matched by the sponsors giving, so that we were one step closer to freeing a slave in the Sudan, one step closer to helping a street child in the Philippines, one step closer to providing God’s word to those who had not heard it yet in China and North Korea.

All the above projects will receive a share in the proceeds of the walk.

Thanks for sponsoring me and for your prayers along the way.